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Please help me find this movie

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So its an old romantic teen movie, that i watched like 5 years ago. The plot is simple – a hot girl in high school seems to like a nerd and they start loving each other. Some scenes i remember are the girl invites the boy over “to study”, her parents are going out for the night with her little brother and the girl and the boy have sex, but they dont know that the brother put camera in his sister room and he is recording them. Also the boy seems to struggle to put the condom on so the girl helps him. Soon enough before they even finish the parents come back and then the father wants to talk with the nerd. Also he has his condom on and is trying to remove it while the father looks for something in the fridge. At the end i think there is some old grandpa that gives them some advice and they go on a bot in the river. Thats about what i remember, i think its a 80s or 90s or could be the 2000 i have no idea and iv been searching this move for so long now and cant find anything about it, so please if you know it tell me i will love you forever! <3

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Plamen Selected answer as best Jan 1, 2021

I actually posted before and decided to keep searching for the movie today so i actually found it somehow xd. Its – Love at first Hiccup.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jan 4, 2021

Amazing find. I was just about to work on figuring it out again this morning when I see you got it. Oddly, I had seen this movie years ago and forgot all about that. Too many movies and too little brain space. Ha. Glad you found it. Enjoy.