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please help me find this movie!!! id love you forever

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Hi! (Tw: self harm?)

So a couple of years ago (i would say about 10). This movie was playing on our TV. I guess it was a 2000’s movie. I only really remember the opening scene very detailed. The setting was in the living room, with a man and his daughter(?) hanging up christmas ornaments and decorating. The guy gets a call, which turns out to be a threat/prank call. I assume the guy had gained some fame for doing something (i dont remember what it was but it was heavy) which resulted in a bad rep for him. As the man was getting the call, the daughter realized that the call was a prank call, crushed a christmas ornament and tries to cut her throat with the sharp pieces. The man then tries to save her.

Thats all i really know about the movie, but this opening scene intrigued me so much. I was fairly young when the movie played so i had no chance of finding the movie on my own and watching it. I really hope this is an actual movie too and not just some twisted fabricated memory.

Thank you in advance!!

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