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Please help me find this movie I saw on youtube a while ago:

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I saw this movie on youtube some time ago & can’t find it, its a horror/thriller cabin in the woods type film, so this is what I remember: the movie takes place in a cabin type house in the woods where some families have gathered for something (all I remember is some men) I think one of the men was also wearing a cowboy type hat, suddenly the ground starts shaking up with a very bright light seen from the windows inside with eerie noise,one of the men may also have a shotgun but I’m unsure about that, so what the men do is take their truck and find out what’s happening while the women are left in the log cabin, there are also a few teenage boys one of them joins the men to help them, they go into the woods where they get out of the car and find a very bright light rising in the woods, that’s all I remember, this movie really piqued my interest but I was unable to finish it for some reason, so I would really appreciate if somebody found it for me! I don’t remember any info regarding the film such as title, actors, director.

Syedskyblue Asked question Jan 26, 2022