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Please help me find the name of this movie/tv show

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Basically all I remember is that a kid is obsessed with this tv show about super hero and collects figurines. One day the same child is older and is writing a paper but actually is a really bad procrastination he/she time travels with best friend when the villain figurine comes to life terrorising the neighbourhood they save the world just in time and meet the guy who wrote the comics and the show he/she loved and got the paper in time. Please help it’s been bugging me for years and I literally can’t find it anywhere I’m beginning to this it’s a Mandela affect and I am imagining the whole thing

Janaadanna Posted new comment Sep 20, 2020

when did you see it, and when was it made? was it in english? a movie for kids? animated?

It was about 4 years ago I think it’s was relatively new at the time and was either American or Canadian

I also remember there was a toy ray gun in the show that was swapped with a real ray gun and ended up being used on the toy villain to bring him into the real world


No it wasn’t last action hero it was much newer than that but thank you

Janaadanna Answered question Sep 14, 2020

Could be the last action hero.

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