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Please help find the movie


Hi.. I am trying to find a movie that was aired in star movies english channel in was rated 18+
The story line is described below. If anyone knows about it please reply with the movie name.
The main character of the movie are Hero, Heroine(Hero’s love interest) and a neighbor woman. Hero and heroine looks like they were studying in a high school or a college.
In the beginning of the movie, the hero writes a letter which is caught by the professor and he reads it aloud and every one laughs and the heroine smiles.
Hero imagines the he will meet the girl in the swimming pool and she that she come in black bikini. But when he comes to the pool entire classmates are playing in the pool
Then the hero spies on the neighbor woman and goes to her house.. then he hides behind the sofa while she comes out from shower or so.. then the neighbor woman notices something abnormal. Mean while hero goes back and she complains to the hero that the sofa moved when the Hero comes. Then the woman keeps her hand on his shoulder or removes his shirt. Scenes were cut after that.
Hero now gains confidence and in college hits one of the bully. The Heroine sees that and is impressed.
The in night he comes in car and on the way he takes a siren light and goes to heroine house where they remove the dress and have sex.

Please let me know the movie name if any one knows it.


Mohan Asked question Apr 1, 2021