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Please help find old horror movie from 80’s / 90’s

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I only remember this one scene where two young kids are asking their parents if “blank” monster is real as they are being sent to bed, and then someone in the room starts playing a piano singing a song about it and the adults are laughing and singing along thinking it’s funny, and the kids tell them to stop because the “blank” will hear them and come. Then this giant hand busts through the window and crushes the head of the guy at the piano and the kids hide behind a chair while this big hand crushes all the heads of the adults in the room.

Eventually it goes away and the kids climb out from behind the chair and see the gore.

Then at some point their uncle (?!) comes and finds them.

I feel like it was 80’s or very early 90 ‘s! I think about this movie all the time and can never find it!


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I think it was an episode or a segment from: Tales From The Darkside

The Grither is a monster that appears in Tales from the Darkside’s third season festive horror tale, “Season of Belief” (

I did a quick search on YT and found this portion of it:

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YES THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!

Memory is so strange! Like I fully thought there were more adults!!!


You’re welcome! I distinctly remember seeing this around 1991 at a neighbor’s birthday party, and I never forgot that monster since lol! I watched this again about 4 years ago, and I also didn’t recall certain details either!