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Person failing to sing along the radio

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I’m thinking of a movie scene in which a person is or rather wants to be enthusiastic about something that just happened. He or she is in the car, tuning the radio and totally failing to sing along because of the lack of knowing the lyrics, in a way realizing in this moment, what just happened was nothing to be proud of – until finding a station playing some dull song he/she still can easily sing to.

Any idea which movie this is? Sorry – if I had any clearer image of the actor/actress I’d probably already knew the answer myself.


MacBo Answered question Dec 11, 2020

It’s Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire”.

Another forum gave me to hint. Fascinating how the essence of a scene dangles before your eyes, but you just don’t remember the look of it. I probably also mixed up a few characters and their motives from a few movies too many describing what I tried to recall. Well, at least I was right with “Jerry”… 😉 And about the year!
But basically it was what I had in front of me: long desired success for which the enthusiasm hoped for just doesn’t truly kick in, and simply wanting to achieve this, ends up a bit pitiable – not that “Free Falling” is a bad song, but I guess it’s clear what purpose it serves here. An indicator for the things to come in the plot.


MacBo Changed status to publish Dec 11, 2020

Well what can I say. It’s not “Fargo”. I just watched it again. I was wrong.


MacBo Answered question Dec 3, 2020

It just hit me, it could be William H. Macy as Jerry Lundegaard in “Fargo” (from 1996). But I’d have to watch the scene again. As soon as I can confirm, I’ll post it here. If anyone else got any suggestions, feel free to comment.


MacBo Answered question Dec 2, 2020