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Period movie? Woman forced by mother to become pregnant, to be professional wetnurse.


I got struck with the vague memory of a movie, or possibly a TV Show, and it is annoying me that I can’t remember what it was called or the full story of the movie.
What I can remember is that is has a period piece or fantasy type setting, with old fashion dress. There is a woman, whose mother has worked more or less as a professional wetnurse in order to feed herself and her family. When a local Lord’s ( or someone high ranking in the community) wife becomes pregnant, the mother encourages/forces her daughter to fall pregnant as soon as possible, so that when the lord’s baby is born, she can be the wetnurse to them. She does manage to fall pregnant, but he pregnancy is a few weeks/months behind the lady’s and so when the lady goes into labour, the woman’s mother gives her something to bring her baby on early. I think she does then go on to be the wetnurse.
This is basically all I can remember of the story, and unfortunately I cannot remember the faces of the actors/actresses. Thanks for any help you can provide

farcry Posted new comment Jul 14, 2021