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Period movie in countryside UK(?), daughter buys medicine, become indebted then homeless


Idk how my last question was notated as ‘solved’.

Sadly, Ammonite is not the movie πŸ™
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Period drama where daughter buys medicine for mother. They become indebted and they get kicked out of the home which is in the countryside and the setting is in the UK I believe. They become homeless and that is where the movie ends. There isn’t much dialogue between the characters.

Please help me find the title.

Thanks in advance to the person that named the movie

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Ugh. After over 2 days and over 8 hours of searching for this movie, I found my own movie. It was ‘Gwen’ released in 2018 and filmed in Ireland. Whew, I am exhausted. If you like this movie (Gwen) then I HIGHLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY recommend The Nightingale (2018), man was that good! It is hard to watch the beginning though.

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