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Period Drama where young girl is caught between two feuding lovers

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I remember a few scenes from this movie but cannot remember the name or any actors that are in it!
Near the beginning there is a garden brunch scene where it is decided that the main character young woman will go to stay in town with the older (but still young) woman. I’m not sure if the older woman was related or just a family friend.
The woman turns out to be a bad influence on her younger friend who looks up to her and is portrayed to be very innocent. She encourages her to lead on the son of a nobleman who she has a crush on. I think there may have been a scene where they tried to set up a tryst, but she also made sure the younger lovers would be found out and get into trouble.
The woman also has a lover, but I think they had a bad relationship or something, because they were both always trying to ruin the other.
Near the end of the movie, there is a scene in a large bathroom where the woman is in the tub in the middle of the room and her lover/enemy is sitting on a stool. I think they had an argument about something while she was basically trying to seduce him.
Right at the end they end up having sex, but the next morning, the male lover leaves before she is awake to go and buy fresh food and flowers from the market to surprise her with breakfast. While he is gone, she wakes up and thinks he has left her, and then I think something bad happened, but can’t remember what.
I apologise that that’s not really much to go on, but hopefully someone can help!

moveijane Asked question May 6, 2018