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Period drama-movie- please help

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-Movie is a period drama set in England (I think) the movies was probably made in the 90/s or 2000’s
-Movie is based on a woman who works in a household where she isn’t treated well (woman wears dark long dresses).
-The money she makes supports her family who also do not treat her well, I remember a scene where she visits her parents who are poor and her dad treats her poorly and tells her off. I remember she had siblings in the house and I believe they felt sorry for the way she was being treated.
-This lady then meets a man who I believe is a drifter and not well liked. They fall in love and I believe they have a child together (not sure about this part). I remember the man falling ill and the woman is distressed as she doesn’t.t know how to help him. I believe there is a storm outside and she braves the storm in search of help.
That is all I remember of this movie, iv/e searched everywhere for the title and I can’t seem to find it.

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Ammy1234 Selected answer as best Sep 27, 2018

I think this is the 1997 film Swept from the Sea, adapted from the Joseph Conrad short story, “Amy Foster”. I have it on DVD and the plot matches your description well.
An immigrant ship on the way to the United States sinks off the coast of Cornwall, and a Ukrainian man is the sole survivor. He washes up on the beach and a servant girl finds him. He can’t speak a word of English, and initially people think he is mentally challenged. When he speaks in his native tongue, it sounds like the ravings of a lunatic to them. I can’t remember why, but nobody immediately connects the appearance of the stranger with the recent shipwreck.
The first person to treat the stranger with kindness is the pretty servant girl who found him, and he immediately falls in love with her. She too is treated as daft by the community, although she is actually quite intelligent, but very strong willed. She is trapped in a dull existence. She works as a servant for a stern woman who treats her poorly. Her parents treat her even worse. Her mother and father had to marry because she was conceived out of wedlock, and her father seems to hold a particular resentment against her. Eventually you learn he is not her biological father. Her mother was a servant and was knocked up by her employer and then cast out with no means of support. She had no choice but to marry this lout, but he despises her child. The servant girl’s only joy is when she can escape to the beach to collect items that wash up from the sea. She keeps them in a cave — her secret hideaway. The Ukrainian man becomes the prize of her collection.
A local doctor befriends the Ukrainian, after he discovers that the man is not an idiot, but is actually an excellent chess player. The doctor teaches the young man to speak English. The doctor has a strong attraction for the young man and he becomes very jealous of the young servant girl when the two outcasts fall in love and begin to court. In his jealousy, he does things to turn the townspeople against the couple when they marry.
The couple has only one friend at the end of the movie. A wealthy woman (Kathy Bates) was charmed by the Ukrainian man who worked on her farm. She gives the couple an old cottage by the sea. They have a daughter and live there happily for a time, though in near total isolation from the community. The man never fully recovers from a bout of pneumonia and becomes sicker and sicker. On a dark stormy night, the girl runs out into the wild storm to beg the doctor to help her dying husband. In a fever delirium, the man seems about to kill his own child. The bitter doctor refuses to come to the cottage, and the movie ends tragically.

Ammy1234 Posted new comment Sep 27, 2018

TIM oh my god it is this film. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have been going crazy for years trying to find it. I know it’s just a film but I can’t express how greatful I am for your help. Have an amazing day and thanks again.