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On the road mystery sci fi

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Anyone have a clue what this movie is ?

Genre: Mystery Sci fi. Its fairly new maybe around 2014-19

It starts with a couple (or maybe brother and sister) driving into a strange town with weard people in it. (typical D.Lynch style). Im not sure, but i do believe they sleep over in a motel, but its not a big part of the movie. When they try to leave the town both get this insane headace. Eventually they get out of it, but suddenly the guy wake up in a bed (i believe) and his girlfriend doesnt even remember him being his boyfriend (or friend) and he tries to find out what happend. He eventually visit the strange town again.

This is what i remember of the movie. Its a low budget movie, but there was at least one big name in it. I always though i saw it on Netflix, but i cant find it there now.

Anyone ?

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VHS_Lives Posted new comment May 18, 2022

since it wasn’t “death of me”, can you remember anything else?