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Older newer movie..2 brothers, a van etc help

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Me and my brother have been trying for months to think of this movie.
The only details we can recollect are that there were two brothers, a van, maybe an older era between 70’s/80’s maybe, looked like a newer movie just based in that timeframe perhaps? The older brother was funny but a jerk at times, wore red plaid at one point, remember a scene where they talked on the roof.
I think someone had an office in the bathroom, or rather called the bathroom stall their office at the school?
High school/college movie I believe..younger brother in high school I think?
The van wasn’t central but played a part in that people used it for shenanigans it seemed? Maybe some of the details are getting crossed up, idk but we remember seeing it maybe on Hulu or Netflix? Not sure which. Somebody please help haha I have exhausted literally everything I know too..the details are fuzzy but this is all I got.

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adventures in the sin bin?

Stifler Posted new comment Apr 5, 2021

YES!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, I’ve tried for weeks to find this stupid movie haha!!