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Older movie (maybe early color) with country girl competing for man with city girl in the wilderness


I watched an old American movie probably at least 10 years ago (probably on Turner Classics) which had a (redhead I think) woman from the country who was trying to show off for her old crush, a man who had moved to the city and then came back to visit his old hometown in the company of his (blonde I think) girlfriend or fiance. I can picture the country girl walking on logs in the water at one point- possible in a competition. She thought she could outsmart the city woman and win over the heart of her old crush and she keeps doing things to try to impress him and make the city girl look incapable. But, in the end, I think she gets scared when there is a real emergency (a plane crash and/or wildfire I think) and the city woman ends up saving her boyfriend, which confirms the bravery and capabilities of the city woman and she wins the heart of the man. I think the man was tall with dark hair. I think the movie was an early color movie (but I could just be imagining that one woman had red hair and the other had blonde….so it could be a black and white film or maybe colorized later). I’m thinking it’s from the 40’s or 50’s. I’ve been trying to figure this out for years because I want to watch it again! Thank you!

Aconite Posted new comment Aug 7, 2020

It wasn’t Calamity Jane by any chance was it? The story isn’t quite the same as you’ve described, but it has the same setting, and the story revolves around a brunette city woman and a blond country woman competing for the love of a man.