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older movie, atleast before 2005

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This is an older movie, Probably before 2000, possible up to 2005. The main character is a teen guy and with a supporting teen girl. I think it’s about martial arts or something along those lines. In one of the ending scenes the main character has to rescue the heroine who has been kidnapped by some badguy. I think she was bound by some rollercoaster or similar setting. For some reason I keep think about karate kid but I’m fairly sure it’s none of those.

I apologize for lack of details as my memory of the movies is rather vague.

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“3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain” (1998)
Detailed plot on Wikipedia:

From Wikipedia:
He then manages to free Jennifer before the roller coaster can crush them.

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Correct! Thank you. Selected aswell.

No problem and thanks for following up.