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Old TV series for children magic doors, magic hoover and so on

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Hi all!
In my childhood at the 90’s there was s dubbed show (I’m from Eastern Europe, so I’m not sure if it was German, British or else) about some kids who were operating with daily objects of magical nature. There was a magic hoover, I think there was a washing machine and so on. If I’m not mistaken there was also a magic door. Their neighbor was always trying to steel these objects from the kids with variable success. I thin he was living in a RV, but I’m not sure in anything, there are just different fragments left in my mind 🙂
The show was NOT animated, but it was for children.
Hope it will ring a bell to some of you kind souls 😀

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pori Selected answer as best Aug 16, 2022

Is it this:

The Miraculous Mellops

pori Selected answer as best Aug 16, 2022

Holy fuckin shit bro! IT IS this! Thanks a MILLION!!! And the complete series all seem to be available on YouTube!

Siddharta Answered question Aug 15, 2022