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old science fiction alien movie maybe?


I had seen a movie when I was young(now 28) I can’t remember the name. But I do remember the language used and a little bit if scenario. it was in English can’t remember if American or British. the scene goes like there are people who have holes in their back. a pipe is interested in that hole and blood is drawn out. the pipe is attached to an alien or something like that, that creature is small and kind of looks some ray fish but with no tail. so this creature is given blood by a women and while the blood giving is going on the women gets an attack. she has a male companion who cuts the pipe from the middle. the blood is still coming out. then the scene (as in my memory) changes. People are sitting in a room and wearing some sort of scientific instrument on their heads. they all walk out of that place. then there is a scene where we see that tge holes in their back is closed with something a sort of knob. and other person has this device like a button which is up. and when they press it the knob or button in other person’s back hole ejects resulting in death. Kind of a science fiction. that’s all I remember.

nostalgic Asked question Aug 4, 2022