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Old Samurai Sunday film


Plot consists of 4 martial art brothers and one sister taught by an old man with a dog. 1st and 2nd bro share a bond and make a sacred vow to each other if either breaks the vow he shall be struck down by arrows.

1st brother gets a job with the government and becomes corrupt.
2nd brother tries to stop him but is crippled by 1st brother.
3rd brother tries to stop him but is blinded by 1st brother.

Old man teaches them Kung fu based on their disabilities with 4th brother and 1st sister as support. They fight 1st brother again. 2nd brother flies on top of 3rd brother’s shoulders and fight as one nearly defeating him. He escapes but is cut down by a hail of arrows from the emperor’s soldiers.

I remember a scene where the old man gives his students a test with the goal of removing him from his tent. Sister tries to remove him by force and fails. 4th brother tries to get the master to leave in anger by tempting him with a stew made from his dog. Almost succeeds until dog shows up and ruins the illusion. 2nd brother succeeds by setting fire to master’s tent.