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Old movie with talking butterflies?

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Well, I remember watching this movie on tv when I was little, and it seemed already old (I was born in 1993, so I guess it would be a 80s or early 90s movie). I can’t remember anything major about the plot, only those information:

– It is live action;
– There was a little boy who came into/found/earned talking butterflies, like a colony or something like that;
– There was a main butterfly – the only one I actually remember talking. Heer voice was female.
– I want to say she was blue or purple with stripes or circles or balls on her wings, but my memmory might be confused with other more famous movie butterflies;
– There was something specifically about the moon (or full moon), like the butterflies got in a trance when they saw it and would try to fly into it’s direction. So, it was very important that the boy would never leave the window open at night. Also, at least the main butterfly had a notion of this effect, and that she wouldn’t be able to control herself if she got into the “moon trance”;
– I guess in the end (or near the end) of the movie, the boy forgets the window open, and there is a party or something similar happening in his house, and, when he suddenly remembers and runs into his bedroom, he just sees the butterflies already out of his reach and flying away into the moon;

Well, this is everything I can remember. There’s been years I want to figure the name out. If anyone knows, please helpe me!

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