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Old movie that I can’t find anywhere with what I remember.

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I have an old movie that I have been trying to find the name of for so long but I remember so little that it might be hard to find but here is all I can remember and it’s probably deep into the movie. A daughter comes home and finds her mother who has been replaced by a robot glitching out and constantly breaking dishes the daughter gets scared and runs out of the room and grabs a blunt object I think it is a shovel and while running she runs into her father but thinks he is a robot and hits him in the head which reveals he wasn’t a robot and she runs off. That is all I can remember while I think I remember other things from the movie it might be another movie that I watched messing with my memory since I watched the movie sometime before 2007 also I know it isn’t the stepford wives since the plot and look are totally different. If anyone knows the movie I am talking about please let me know. Thank you.

Axel Posted new comment Jul 9, 2022

Just to mention that there are two Stepford wives movies, the original from 1975 and a remake in 2004. There are also a number of spin offs and sequels that were made for TV.

You are right the 1975 one seems very similar to what I remember but there are some factors that are a bit different it could just be a bad memory or there is another version of the 1975 version since the 2004 version is definitely wrong.