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Old Movie that family watched in a UK Cinema likely in late 40’s-early 50’s

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This is a challenging one: Scientist does some experiments using an ape with humans. A boy is somehow linked to a mother gorilla. Man is now part ape. Eventually goes into cage(?) wanting to connect his mother gorilla who kills him. Sorry son, no banana.

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oscargoldman Selected answer as best Apr 22, 2021

I went over every Ape/ Monkey movie ever written but You nailed it !!!
My Mom was telling stories of Old Movies she watched as a kid and this was the one. She was overjoyed to have me read her the movie synopsis and as expected, she had many details wrong but this was watched in 1950 and never again. Thanks for your help.

I am glad that was it. There are some close ones, but this one he actually dies by the ape at the end. Enjoy.