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Old movie about white haired robot with 2 swords killing scientists that created it.


Saw this movie around 2008,2009,or 2010. Not sure what year it was released. I was still a kid and I remembered being scared watching this movie. Can’t remember the actor and actress.

I can remember just a little about the plot. So there’s this group of scientists, they tried to create A.I robot (i think). But there’s one accident and the robot gone rogue. Lock up the lab from outside and start killing the scientists one by one.

This robot carries 2 sword (or 1 sword with a shield) or he got the sword from other scientist when the robot killed him. I can remember vividly that the robot have long white hair (like old women hair) and some sort of clothing on his body.

In the end they (or he/she) managed to stop the robot. That’s all i can remember. I was 9 or 10 at the time now I’m 23.