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old movie about a little afro-american girl

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I hope someone can Help me. After watching some Spike lee movie I remembered some old movie I watched when I was a little girl and it’s been bugging me ever since!

I am 35 and watched it when I was like 10 or less and it must have been older.
It is a color movie. I don’t remember the whole plot but I would be very thankful to have the name and maybe watch it again!

The story happens around an afro-american community (afro-amercian cast only)
I feel like the story happens around the beginning of the 20th century as I have some colorful petticoat dresses, lace gloves, hats, … but I am not sure.

Part of the story I remember is about a black little girl who seems to be quite adventurous (her family is quite religious and she sounds like a rebel little child but with a good heart). At some point she has a bad fall and loses the use of her legs.
I “think” at some point before that, she befriended an older man who kind of lived like a recluse. She somehow got closer to him by opening a curtain or something to let the light come through the window which reflected through a crystal chandelier (and gave some rainbow colors on the wall). It somehow symbolized hope or something..
The man come sees her when she is feeling down and moody and try to cheer her up (I think he even brought her the chandelier so she has some rainbow colors on her walls).
I think that at the end she managed to walk again either using some clutches or something like that…

This is very vague and I hope I did not use any wrong words (English is not my 1st language). I looked online with no avail and I bet that it must be a super well known movie (or not) 🙂

Thank you very much.

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storkley Selected answer as best Jan 24, 2022

Polly (1989)
It was a Wonderful World of Disney remake of Pollyanna.
Stars Keshia Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad.

Kramerjp Posted new comment Jan 25, 2022

Amazing! Thank you very much

You’re welcome!