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Old kids movie where toys come to life

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Hi guys! So I have been searching for this movie for YEARS and all I have managed to find is a few posts of people trying to find the same movie. They’re more descriptive than what I even remember, so let me copy and paste.

“Okay, It’s gotta be at least 17 years old, I think it was from early 90s but maybe the 80s because the quality of the effects were very 80s-ish. For the record, I know it is not Grandpa’s Magical Toys, or Toy Story.

Anyway, it involved a boy about 10 years old being put to bed by his mother, but after he falls asleep and his mother leaves the room, all the toys and objects in his room come to life. For example, the toys in the chest come to life. There is a cat who sings a jazz rendition of “Hey Diddle Diddle” and she sings a song that goes “I’m a cool cat..imagine that.. i role with the rhythm wherever I’m at.” Also, there is Old King Cole, and there is humpty dumpty who falls off the wall… i think. Then his computer comes to life too, and it is a human person in like a black sparkly outfit with gold metallic shorts and his head is the computer, he starts doing a robot dance.” And he sings a song putting the other toys down: “I’m so much better than you, out with the old, in with the new.”

“At the end a Fairy God Mother appears in the bedroom. The antagonist was his desktop computer with a human face in the screen. The Fairy God Mother makes the computer nice and then they start dancing to celebrate.”

I will be FOREVER indebted to you if you can tell me what it is. Thank you so much.

lmarts Unselected an answer Feb 15, 2021

This sounds like maybe pieces of each of the three “The Brave Little Toaster” movies? There are three:

The last one in particular has a computer.

It wouldn’t let me add this as a comment…

lmarts Posted new comment Feb 16, 2021

I should have mentioned it is definitely one film and also live action!

Oh shoot yeah, so none of those lol. Sorry. I’ll keep looking

Thank you so much! I don’t know if it was a movie rented at a local library or something? Crazy how there seems to be no traces of it.

mother goose treasury had some of the songs, and it was live action. the wee sing series had variations too, not just the grandpa one. there were a couple specific tv shows too, i just have to re dig out their names and post them

The main character throughout was the boy so it’s not those. And I know all of the Wee Sings like the back of my hand so it’s not those either haha.

I would be so curious to hear about the shows maybe!