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Old Horror Movie – Help me find it!!!!

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There was this one horror movie I watched a year ago, and I forgot the name of it. I remember that there was a 12 room inn a woman was staying in (because her sister died there) and the antagonist kills her because ever since his mom died he created her in his subconscious, and the “mom” didn’t like how pretty the woman was. The man killed the woman while she was in the shower. He disposed of the body by wrapping it in the shower curtains, and putting it into a car pushed into a swamp. The main residence of the man is a large old house on a hill close to the inn. Two people (one of which I believe was a policeman/detective???) investigate it, and at the end of the movie, the man is shown in a strait-jacket, visibly insane, and is acting 100% like the idea of his mother.

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Isn’t that “Psycho”?

The original came out in 1960, but there was a 90s remake.

I never actually saw it.

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It is, thank you so much!