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Old Chinese movie Name?

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This Chinese movie was made in the 80’s-90’s couldn’t really pinpoint the exact date. In the movie it dates back to the time of the dynasty’s (Dont know which) but its about a man who used to be a government official but is now on the run with his son. In the beginning he makes his toddler son choose between his 9 ring broad sword and a toy windmill. If the son chose the windmill then he will kill his son sending him off where his mom is. (Its not the JetLi movie and its not the Assassin Japanese movie). The son chose the sword. They both travel to this little town where the scene shows a woman buying a small pig because she was going home. She was wearing westerner clothing. There’s this bounty hunter guy that is obsessed with hunting down the man and his son. He wields a Snake like spear. The woman joins them on their journey because she likes the baby son. They are running away on horse when they fall into a lake that has leaches. They camp out and the main guy burns the leaches off of them. The main guy wears a purple gown on his whole body and has long hair. The main guy fights the spear dude at the end. The spear dude stabs himself because main guy saved him one time. At the end of the fight the spear dude looses and die. At the end the main guy, woman and child are about to get on a boat with the pig lol but the main guy pushes the boat saying she cant go with them. She starts singing and then the movie ends. If you know the title to this movie ill cash app you money!

Chisco Answered question Jun 29, 2022