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old bbc scy fi show

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trying to figure out/ find old bbc show. all i remember was finding it around 2006 or so. it had a woman in a office type building walking down the hall leaving and as she gets to the security desk she realizes she forgot something in her office so go’s walking back to it and as she gets to the door she hear’s some noise and open’s the door to some sort of cgi goblin/creature that stand’s maybe 3 foot tall and the office is ransacked. it pans to outside the building as you hear a woman scream and go’s to a guy standing across the road in a trenchcoat and top hat that look really beat up and the guy open’s one side of the coat as the creature run’s across the road and jump’s into it as he closes it, then it go’s to the intro for the show of it fast going thru a tall “5 foot tall” sewer system and flashing the actor’s and actresses name’s.

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pori Selected answer as best Jun 30, 2022

i do belive that is it. i never watched the full show to know for sure but i do recognize the intro, now the fun part of finding the show lol. thank you.

nostros Answered question Jun 30, 2022