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Old Bagdad comedy and it’s not Thief of Bagdad

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Firey princess, her brother, annoying rogue, his old man sidekick, they help her defeat the evil vizier blah blah, but a comedy. Old man distracts a soldier-“Hey buddy, got a light?” “Well, they haven’t been invented yet but I’ll see.” Old man knocks him out while he’s looking.
Jerk teases princess about her dirty face when he meets her. Scene with her and her brother. Brother ‘to disguise myself I grew a beard.’ Princess -‘as I could not grow a beard I resorted to dirt on my face.’ Of course she hates jerk rogue at first, but they end up together.
There’s a magic box, all I recall is at the end the old man hides in it, is transformed into a beautiful girl, but with his same voice.
No idea who starred in it, it’s been decades since I’ve seen it. I want to say it’s black and white? But I can’t swear to it.
I hope someone else has seen this! Thanks.

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