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Old 70’s/early 80’s movie with a weird twist

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I have been trying to find this movies for decades after seeing it on TV as a kid. It was probably late 70’s, or early 80’s and it involved several men whop were camping I believe, whom assault and kill a woman, then dump her in the river. Later (months or years, not sure) they are on trial for something (maybe her murder) and a nun who you have seen in the jury throughout the film suddenly attacks one of the men, and it turns out she is the woman they thought they had killed. Any ideas what movie this is?

Lou Posted new comment Apr 5, 2018

The movie was called CELEBRITY. About three friends who rape a teenage girl, think she is dead and dispose of the body. They all go on to become celebrities in their own right, and the girl is not dead. She is with a cult that one of the men started, though he doesn’t know it’s her. It’s on video and maybe DVD.