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Ok Cinefiles, A Little Help…Movie About Death, Maybe? Need Help With Title.

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Alright so a year or so ago I was watching a movie I believe on Netflix, NOT a major motion picture. NOT a made for Netflix thing either I don’t believe. Saved it to my profile in hopes of coming back to it eventually and profile got wiped and now of course I am trying to find it again but for the life of me can’t remember the title and only watched a little bit so don’t have the whole story. Any help would be awesome.

Guy and girl wake up in a deserted town(I think they died somehow but don’t realize it yet), anyway there is a weird fog surrounding the town they can’t get through and there is some sort of monster?(Haven’t seen it though yet early in film) in the fog. The fog is closing in on the town and shrinking the area as film progresses with no one else in town and no way to communicate outside. Fairly recent film I’d say…within last 10 years. Anybody have any ideas? I have searched but because I don’t really know the whole plot yet it makes it very hard to locate. Both actor and actress are basic nobodies in acting world I remember so thinking maybe an indie flick of some kind? Help me out all1 Thanks!

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