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Offbeat romantic hostage movie, seen around 2011-2012


I’ve been asking in other forums about this movie for years, and got no answers, so please help! I think this film may have been set in Australia or New Zealand, and in modern times–that is, fairly modern, with cars and telephones, etc. The plot involves a young woman who is, at the beginning, living in the flat her sister shares with her sister’s boyfriend or husband, and it appears that she has been having an affair or at least a flirtation with the guy. She presses him about their relationship, and he suddenly ends it, insisting that she move out. As a result, she has to take on a job so she can afford her own place. I think from there she starts temping or takes on some odd jobs for money and eventually is somehow dispatched to deliver something (maybe some prescription medicine or some mail perhaps?) to a man who lives in his home, a house in a remote area. She arrives to find a handsome but unkempt, bearded man who is agitated and delusional, as he is off his meds. In his deranged state, he mistakes her for his ex-wife who apparently left him recently. He believes — and insists — that she has come back to him, and he refuses to let her go. When the girl denies this and tries to leave, he either physically restrains or sedates her.

When she comes to, she is tied or handcuffed to a bed. He talks to her as if he just wants to keep her there until she comes to HER senses and promises not to leave him again, and nothing she can say will convince him that she is not his beloved wife. Later on, he goes out somewhere, leaving her alone in the house, and she manages to get loose. Unfortunately, she finds there is a vicious guard dog in the yard that she cannot get past to escape the house. Another time, when the man is there with her, he becomes more amorously aggressive towards her and, thinking fast, she comes up with the lie that she is pregnant and needs a doctor. He is immediately gentle and solicitous and promises to get one for her. He does bring a doctor one night soon thereafter. This elderly doctor sees at once what’s going on and is very concerned; it’s clear from his conversation with the man that this doctor knows about his mental health issues and has probably treated him as a psychiatrist. He tries to calm the man, not challenging his delusion. But as soon as the deranged man is out of the room, the doctor promises to help the young woman, and she believes she is about to be saved. Unfortunately, the doctor seems to have a cardiac condition and, in his agitation over getting the whole scenario, he has a heart attack and dies. When the man comes back and discovers this, I think he decides he must keep the doctor’s death a secret, so he digs a hole in the yard and puts the doctor’s body in it. I’m a little fuzzy on the details and the order of events, but I feel like at some point the dog gets killed too and maybe gets buried in the same grave. Anyway, some time after these events, somehow the young woman manages to get the upper hand and cuffs the man to the bed. She then force feeds him his medication for a few days. In due time, his mind stabilizes and, although he is not exactly sure about all that transpired while he was delusional, he apologizes for whatever he might have done and any way he might have hurt her. She seems to soften towards him then, realizing that, while he is unwell, he is not a bad person when he’s not raving and delusional. And he cleans up nice–he shaves off his beard and looks even more sane and clear-eyed.

Again, I’m fuzzy on the details, but not long after this, his estranged wife comes back, and it turns out she is really verbally and emotionally abusive. But somehow, accidentally, she ends up dead. (She might even have ended up in the hole with the doctor and the dog–I can’t remember.) But since the husband is not delusional anymore, he decides to take the young woman he’d been holding against her will back where she belongs and to turn himself in. They are in his truck together (Did I mention, he seems to be a long-haul trucker with his own rig?) and he gets stopped by a police officer who is making inquiries. He seems on the verge of confessing to something when the young woman, his former hostage, jumps in and covers for him. I think she might have even lied and pretended to be his wife. Anyway, the policeman lets them go, and it is suggested that the young woman is going to stay with him, because she likes him now — and, after all, his wife is out of the picture.

This is a quirky, dark little rom-com, and I can’t remember there being any well-known actors in it; the lead actress was blond and pretty. The man, handsome, with dark, curly hair, bearded early on but later clean-shaven. That’s all I got. Help?

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Absolutely right! Oh wow! You’re the best. I have been trying for years to find out the title, literal years!