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not many details, just reincarnation i think

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i watched this movie back 2005-2008. it was a burned DVD and im sure the movie was new bc it was filmed in the cinema. i dont remember many details and it’s been driving me crazy since then.

at the start, there is a couple, a chinese couple (I think), that were running away. he tells her to run bc theyre coming for them, maybe they fell or he’s hurt. she’s probably the daughter of the emperor bc she looked… expensive, and he didn’t, like at all. or maybe he was a guard, i really can’t remember. so they’re killed, and they get reincarnated in the present. she had a dragon tattoo on her back, red ink, and im not sure if she was born with it or not but she’s told she’s special.

thats all i can remember. i really hope that you can help me here.

Abba Answered question Jul 14, 2022

The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus (1989).