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Non-english movie about a murderer tailor that is being investigated by the police

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It was a pretty bad thriller/horror movie (directing, acting, story), but we had a lot of fun with it with my friends many years ago, so I’d like to find it again.

I have a few blurry memories of it (but take the descriptions with a grain of salt).

A tailor kills people in his kinda trashy atelier.

There are mannequins in the atelier.

The police close in on him and visit him there and he panickedly hides something incriminating.

He is washing his bloody hands in the sink.

At some point there is a scene with bad angles, with him and someone else (I think his sister?) talking, with a light kind of messing up the shot.

There is the scene I remember most vividly, where he is at a graveyard, and he goes in a mausoleum, and when he comes out, there’s a group of mannequins around him.

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I found it! It’s called Necrofobia and it’s Argentinian. I have been looking for this for years and now it just suddenly popped up.

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