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Nineties romatic comedy


I’m looking for a movie I saw in the mid to late nineties about a guy (a bit of a young Mick Jagger lookalike) who sleeps around with girls. One of the girls is a redhead(?) who always chews bubble gum and sticks them everywhere when she’s done. He then meets a girl he wants to commit to but his past is problematic. They break up and he immediately rebounds to the bubble gum girl. At that moment the love interest shows up and he kicks bubble gum girl out. They make up and decide to have sex. He proclaims that he’s all out of condoms but she remembers that they had one left. Of course that’s the one he used with bubble gum girl. He acts as if he found the last condom and puts it on. The girl then notices the bubble gum sticking on the condom and knows he hasn’t changed a bit.

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