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Need title for a Christian romance (probably TV) movie

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I’m looking for a movie but don’t have much to go on. I am quite sure that it is based on something written by Janette Oke but it’s not listed in her movies. This is a modern day film set in a small town (possibly in an Amish area). It’s about a woman in law enforcement who has some eccentric aunts trying to run an inn. A stranger comes to town and the aunts take him in and their niece is immediately suspicious of him. He turns out to be a baseball player (somewhat famous) who is hiding from the press after his wife is found dead. As for genre, I’d call it Christian romance. I don’t remember actors, director, etc.

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“Love Finds You In Suger Creek”

North_girl Posted new comment Aug 5, 2022

Thank you! That is it! No wonder I couldn’t find it, Janette Oke had nothing to do with it.

No problem, It does have that kind of feel. I think there is a series of movies from that town.