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Need the name of a movie from back in the day.

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A long time ago in the mid 00’s when surfing through channels, I saw scenes of a movie on TV that I would like the know the name of. If I knew the actors and actresses names it would be easier to locate.

From what I can recollect, one of the scenes shows a mans hand in a blender because he was unfaithful to wife, his hand get shredded from the blender. Another scene shows these men who could be spies at a club doing an exchange with an oriental man for a severed woman’s head. The oriental man gets his hand chopped off by one of the guys and a shoot out scene occurs.

A lady comes out and tries to shoot them, a man says “I want to sleep with you, not shoot you.” The lady tries to shoot them but ends up getting shot in the head instead.

Any info on what the title could be would be very helpful. It might have been a movie or show on that one saw in early 04′.

Guestname Asked question May 2, 2022