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Need some help finding a move from 80s/90s

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Hi folks!

I’m looking for a movie from 80s/90s, maybe early 2000s. I saw it on TV when I was a child, so my memories are pretty blurry, but I’m curios what movie could that be.

Genre: probably crime/drama

The movie is about a family in which one of the parents become either a witness or a victim of some criminal activity. To ensure their safety they must all disappear, get new identities, names, appearance, and move away from their home, and they mustn’t contact anyone from their old lives.

One scene I can remember is that for a given period of time they have to wait in a motel until things get settled, and they are not allowed to leave it.

Another thing I remember is that the daughter in the family was some sort of semi-pro sports player, most likely tennis, which made making her disappear harder, since there were a lot of pictures of her. She was also told not to play anymore. I can remember another specific scene in which the girl sees another child trying to play that sport, and giving them some advice, then she is asked if she want to join, but she said she can’t play anymore.


Kramerjp Answered question Nov 30, 2020

Don’t Look Behind You. (1999)
It’s adapted from a book from the same author as I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Kramerjp Answered question Nov 30, 2020