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Need name of movie, please

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Could someone help me find name of a scary movie that has a scene where travelers run into people, possibly a family, in possibly a rest stop. There they find folks who sell jewelry made of human hair. The travelers soon find out it is a group/family of people that use the remains of people they kidnap. Can only remember this particular scene. Cannot remember anything else about movie! “Main” guy looks like Jerry O’Connell, who ends up being part of the group who kills/kidnaps… help!

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How old is the film? Can you remember anything else about it? the jewelry part isn’t coming up in any of my searches yet

I know! I have been searching. What we remember is a scene where a young person is selling artistic pieces possibly in a rest stop or small town while on a trip. Later on is discovered that some of these were made of human hair.

The young man who is “helping” the lead actress (I think) from people searching for them to kill them, hides with her in a backroom of some sort, dark, and she sees lots of glass jars with human pieces in them. She looks to his arm when she (maybe) is holding his hand, and though he looks pretty clean cut, he is wearing one of the hand made bracelets and she realizes he is part of that “family”…

late 90’s, maybe early 2000’s


Jerry O’Connell was in an episode of the tv show Night Visions called “Rest Stop” that had a very similar storyline. I don’t remember the hair jewelry, but from what I remember, the rest sounds similar:

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great memory here. i am assuming this is what OP is looking for, because a further detailed blog post on the episode is all about the jewelry stuff. Killer find.

Night Visions was a great show, and this was a particularly memorable episode!

No wonder we dont remember much as it is a short TV episode! Thank you so much for this find!