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Need help please

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I can only remember specific scenes but not the title – definitely before 2015 maybe even 2010

1st scene
A man travels to a (diner?) restaurant with Asian robots – he finds out they never let them go after they are promised paradise- what really happens when they die is they become food for the other robots in this weird type of juice box thing

2nd scene (beginning of movie
He is a writer for a abusive composer – time travels after that

(End of movie) let’s composer die and plays piano (take credit for his compositions of music )

Me again
It’s a brief case or something that he find that helps him time travel or multidimensional travel
He pops into a closet at one point

Fighting scene on top of a building pretty sure

I think it’s time travel or multi universe

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Jujutna Selected answer as best Nov 4, 2020

Hi there, this sounds like Cloud Atlas, although I don’t remember the briefcase (it’s been a while though!)

Jujutna Selected answer as best Nov 4, 2020