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need help finding this movie again!!!

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I need help finding the name of this movie again. I remember the film fairly well, but can’t seem to find it again and don’t remember the name.
The main plot of the film is that there is a gentlemen #1 (the main character) who has had a crush on this specific woman for a very long time, since childhood. Later on in his life, he is starting to do fairly well financially, another man that works for the company that is about to hand over a large amount of money for a certain business that he sold them, finds out about all this income he is about to receive. gentlemen #2 knows this specific woman that gentlemen #1 has had a crush on. Gentlemen #2 and this woman hatch a plan to have the lady marry gentlemen #1 and then get a divorce afterward to take a large portion of his money fairly easily. As they are approaching the day of their official marriage, she is beginning to regret what she is about to do. Towards the end, gentlemen #1 does begin to realize the entire plot but still proceeded along with the marriage. It finally comes to the marriage ceremony with them being at the altar, and she says she can’t do it anymore and that he basically deserves better. They talk it out and she apologizes. He drives off in his new McLaren and that’s the end of the story.

Some more random pieces of info that could help:
-Also, one of the main songs used in one of the main scenes of the film is “Play Dead”, by Tom Walker.
-The characters had British accents
-main character (gentlemen #1) is white
-gentlemen #1 is some sort of tech guy and designs a very profitable website or program, can’t remember the exact specifics of that.

Please if someone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

VHS_Lives Answered question Nov 10, 2020

For Love or Money (2019)

What is this movies name?

I actually answered another person with this query a few weeks ago 🙂

VHS_Lives Answered question Nov 10, 2020