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Need help finding the name of a movie that I watched many years ago.

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I remember very little about the movie or the actors but I still have a general grasp of the plot. The protagonist is a white man in his 40s, and it takes place in a museum in which a series of accidents and misunderstandings lead to him being forced to play the part of a terrorist. The man is friends with the security guard (black, 50s) but a misfiring gun takes his life, starting the movie’s plot. The man later dies, deeming the protagonist a murderer.

The movie centers around the protagonist trying to clear his name and the police negotiator (deuteragonist, white, 60s?) who, after hearing the guy’s story, will help him in a way that doesn’t lead to the police shooting him down. The press and police play a big part in escalating the situation.

The movie ends with all the “hostages” freed and the protagonist agreeing with the negotiator to turn himself in. As the negotiator goes back to the press, the building blows up, killing the man inside (suicide). The negotiator then cries the death of the man and blames everyone there for his death.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jul 10, 2022