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Need help finding animated movie!!

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I watched this movie when I was a kid. Here’s what I can remember:

At the beginning, a girl (blonde with ponytail) is seen with her dad, and he introduced his girlfriend to her.

After that, she and her friends join a camp (?!) and stay in a desert-themed room. At some point during the movie, I remember them getting sprayed by the ceiling fire sprinklers.

Fastforwarding, her father and his girlfriend visit the friend group and take them shopping, and bought a necklace for the girl. The girl and her father talk briefly, and all of them watch fireworks together.

At the end, the girl and her friends perform on stage, while the girlfriend is trying to sabotage their performance, and end up getting exposed in front of everybody for being a gold digger because she accidentally pressed on the microphone.

If I’m not wrong, this was aired on Disney. But I couldn’t find it anywhere on the list. If you know the name please let me know. Thanks so much!!!

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Dec 28, 2020

Might this be live action instead of animated?