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Need help figuring out a movie that came out around the 2000s era

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I’ve seen a movie as a kid I was probably 7 at the time. I can’t remember the name but all I can remember was the main plot was about a teen boy who found a genie or a magic lamp and a guy gave the teen boy unlimited wishes. He wished to be popular in high school, he wished to have some type of cool car that had like three wheels, and wished to get some girl. There was one scene where the genie told him that the girl will be watching him and to act cool. So the girl was looking outside the window of her home watching the guy leave with his flock of friends. Idk it’s weird but every movie I came across is not the movie I’m describing it’s not
Aladdin, Kazaaam, etc. and the male lead for the movie was a white guy who was short I wanna say like 5’11 he wasn’t that tall. I feel like he was the same height as Malcom from Malcom in the middle tv show. Or at one point I thought the actor Frankie Muniz was in the movie but nothing comes up of him being in a movie I describe above.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jul 24, 2022