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Name this movie please?

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Name this movie:


A teenager to twenty-ish man realizes he has a terminal illness and places an ad in either online or in the paper to hire a few film members to document his last days/months on earth.

So he finds two or so amateur film makers to document his life and they do random road trip outings, mini golf, ice cream, etc.

The huge twist at the end is when he lures a film crew member into a cargo shipping container and blows him away point blank range with a concealed hand gun. I am pretty sure the other film maker tries to run away and she gets blown away too.

I cannot remember if he commits suicide either.

Either way a far out movie with more twists and turns than the rollercoast in Final Destination 3

Hopefully someone can find the movie!

It was definitely on a streaming service and I want to say 2012-2014 range.

Low budget indie style movie.

Definitely not Creep or Creep 2 (Both great though)

Thanks everyone.

L3randon40 Asked question Jun 29, 2022