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Name That Film: Subtitled Anthology Film


I cannot find anything online that helps me remember the name of this film, although I know I read about it online and saw it once a few years ago. It was an artsy anthology film with 3 or 4 stories. I believe it was Japanese. The one story I clearly remember was an almost wordless maybe 30 minute short wherein a young woman attempted suicide by hanging in a shed in a public garden, changed her mind, but ended up accidentally suspended by her wrist overnight. A gardener or someone found her in the morning, and she had something of a renewed lease on life, including no longer caring that her boyfriend had dumped her (IIRC, she tossed away her cell phone at the end when he called to apologize). I am just about certain this film is within the last 20 years anyhow, likely 2010 or later. I believe I streamed it via Amazon in maybe 2015. I really wouldn’t think it would be that hard to identify, but I have tried everything. Hopefully my recollections above are correct. Thank you for your help!

memorychallenged Asked question Jul 19, 2020