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name of this movie based on scene


this is a movie scene i remember really vividly but cant find the name of.

summary: woman finds out that her husband is a con artist after he disappears. she finds him and turns out he is actually married to someone else (if my memory is right) but turns out he loves the protag and they escape together.

scene: she looks back at her phone after realising her husband is gone, she scrolls through old pictures of them together and in every single one his face is obstructed, there is an image where he turns his face away quickly so it is motion blurred, one where leans behind her to whisper something in her ear thus having his face covered and another one obstructed by a wine glass i believe.

that scene was absolutely brilliant to child me and has always been stuck in my head with no context, hopefullly someone can find the movie its from 🙂 thank you

Neutral Asked question Sep 1, 2021