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Horror movie, I don’t know the name and actors just the story of the movie, in the beginning shows that a man lives alone in a house and in the night some creature come out of closet and bothering him(background is green) , till the guy install some camera and sees the creacher and die that night, but story doesn’t end here and a few day later a boy’s ball fall in his front yard and the kid drink water from his yard and tommorow the boy dies. After the family bury the boy when they come back home they see that the kid body walk back to the house and left a foot print from cemetery to the house and sits on the table, when the police came they see that the kid move his head and freaks out. After that they go to the house that the kid went and they start to die one by one by souls that comes out from crack of walls that just been seen by a reflection or camera, I can’t find this movie but I sure it was mad by Asian industry, please if anyone know the name of this movie help me. An I’m really sorry for my English.

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pori Selected answer as best Jul 23, 2022

Ohhhh man thank you very much. ❤️❤️❤️