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Name of the movie?

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So I watched this movie like a year ago and I thought I had it saved. So I hope someone might be able to help.

The movie starts out in a doughnut shop or the scene was very close to the beginning, and this random guy kills the employee, and this other man who happens to be there also is forced to get involved. The killer forces the innocent guy to help dispose of the body.
After that the killer keeps on getting involved In the mans life. The man wants to take revenge on the killer so he follows him to his ‘supposed’ house. The killer tricks the man into thinking a woman he greeted at a random house is was the killers wife, so the man thinks the killer lives there. The man goes back to kill the killer but ends up killing a private detective who lived at that house. The killer had been teaching and protecting him and his family from getting caught. It turned out the mans young daughter had killed a boy that had gone missing a a few weeks ago, and she was keeping his dead corpse to play with in the mans basement. The detective had been close to solving the mystery of the missing boy but since he was killed it would give them time to cover up the murder. So the original killer from the doughnut shop had been like a guardian angle to the man and his daughter by teaching the man how to kill and dispose of bodies, since the killer new once a killer always a killer. So the mans daughter regardless of her age is apparently gonna turn out as a serial killer. But the movie was a plot twist murder movie basically. Please help me find this movie again!

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Hahaha omg your awesome man! Thank you so much your a saint!! Ah I can’t wait to watch this again!!