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name of the movie?

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does anyone know the name of this movie?

A guy goes to this cabin/house with a girl (I can’t remember if they just met or were boyfriend and girlfriend) and he meets her family but it turned out that they were completely crazy and holds him hostage and force’s him to go through a different holiday everyday for either a week or a month, the last holiday they do is Christmas and afterwards the family decides if he was perfect for the family but they decided he wasn’t and they kill him but he escapes and at the very end the girlfriend runs him over with her car and does kill him, the movie is like a weird mix between romance horror and comedy I know this movie is older so it wouldn’t be any time after the year 2015 so it would have been released in 2015 or later. One scene I remember from it is the guy escaped out of the house and ran to his car but the steering wheel was un-attached so he couldn’t actually drive his car and get away another scene I remember from the movie is when they were deciding if they were going to kill him or not a little boy pulled out a list and started naming all the cuss words the guy had said and how many times he said them

if anyone knows what the name of this movie is or could be please let me know. thank you

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would this have been in english?

VHS_Lives yes it was in english