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Name of romantic tv movie (plus a sci fi/comedy)

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I need help locating 2 movies. First one I saw when I was a kid, probably more than 25 years ago, but it may have not been new at that time. It may have been a tv show too, I’m not sure. I remember two guys speaking, some extraterrestrial hotties had come to earth, and one of them was abducted and got half of his face blue colored. I would have sweared this must have been a chapter of Weird Science, but I’ve tried to find out with no luck.

Second one watched it like 10 years ago. It was a romantic drama, a tv movie probably, about someone trying to overcome a loss. I think his wife had died or something. All I know is the guy had a ship or a yate or something and the end of the movie is the guy throwing a ring to the sea.


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